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Roswell Rudd / Steven Bernstein- Nyswu performance, 12/09

Solo trombone performances, summer 2009

Jacob Garchik / Jacob Sacks duo- NYSWU performance

CURHA- Decoupage NYSWU performance at 58N6

Brian Drye’s Scopa Trio- NYSWU performance 2009

Trombones in Stereo

Julian Priester

Recently, Destination Out sent up mad props to the trombone by listing a track by Julian Priester. This killing piece features Priester’s Marine Intrustion and is an amazing representation of his post Mwandishi musical exploits. Also, don’t forget to check out some of the other moments that Chilly Jay Chill and Prof. Drew LeDrew caught Priester sliding his way around a varied musical atmosphere by way of his work with SUNN O))).

While they were at it, D:O let the cat out of the bag on Trombone Hall of Fame, featuring such esteemed members as Grachan Moncur III, George Lewis and Roswell Rudd. Don’t let your vote go unheard. Give a shout out as to who you think should be charter members in their comments.

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