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NYSWU, New Year, New Events, New You!

Hear ye, hear ye, NYSWU now taking applicants for 2014 slide worthy events! Have a cookie while you work, it makes everything better for all people.

Silent Solos & Steering Shebang for Trombone

This week marked the start of December and many a child’s final count down to Christmas. This Friday we celebrated the early present that was the return of NYSWU, at Loove Arts. We stacked the deck with a line up of able bodied slidespeople and coaxed what was required out of them with clever lighting, baba ganoush and a shared urgency to alight a brassy noise on all in attendance. Results were as follows.

Stay tuned for dates on our bimonthly examination of maybe more approaches to similar conundrums starting in the new year.

New York Slideworkers’ Union: Silent Solos & Steering Shebang for Trombone.

We’ll be basking in the delicious sweet scent of solo brass all evening, this Friday the 6th of December, and would love to have you join us.

After all the delicious flavors, look forward to more dishes on raw and spicy Trombone in the New Year!

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