NYSWU sealThe New York Slideworkers’ Union is a collective organization designed to support

* forward-looking trombonists

* adventuresome microtonalists & low brass practitioners

* kindred spirits, organizers, composers and improvisors.

The group holds bimonthly presentations at 58 North 6 Media Labs, a performing and recording space in Williamsburg , Brooklyn.
NYSWU employs a revolving curatorial schedule, with performances professionally recorded and videotaped for cooperative distribution.

NYSWU was founded in mid-2009 by Chief Custodian Josh Roseman’ of Scrootable Labs, Inc, with an initial core group including
Chief Tech officer Westbrook Johnson
Finance minister Rick Parker,
Security Officer Jacob Garchik and
Brian Drye, ambassador to the United Nations, and Ryan Snow, Secretary of the Interior-

..Along with a broad extended community of friends and colleagues- Curtis Hasselbring, Roswell Rudd, Steve Swell, David Taylor, Max Siegel and many others have participated.