Apr 17, 2010 - 8:00 PM

Ibeam Music Studios
Brooklyn, NY, USA

8 pm: ERGO
Brett Sroka: trombone/computer/fx
Sam Harris: rhodes electric piano/synthesizer/piano/prepared-piano
Bryan Teoh: guitar/computer
Shawn Baltazor: drums

10 pm: Curtis Hasselbring's New Mellow Edwards
Curtis Hasselbring - Trombone
Ches Smith - Drums
Trevor Dunn - Bass
Chris Speed - Reeds

Ergo's music is one of stark melodic beauty, enveloping electro-acoustic texture and empathic imagination. Described by All Music Guide as, "...into completely new horizons similar to nothing you've heard before... captivating, hypnotic, and attractively exotic music"; critics have made comparisons with music as diverse as Sun Ra, Steve Reich, Sigur Rós, Autechre and Duke Ellington. The band has recently released their second cd, “multitude, solitude” on Cuneiform Records, and has been busy performing this year at the Sonic Circuits Festival, New Languages and BAM Café. www.ergoisaband.com and www.myspace.com/ergo

Curtis Hasselbring's New Mellow Edwards
"…[a] smart ensemble that harnesses the forward thrust of rock in the service of an almost chamberlike group cohesiveness." (NY Times, Nate Chinen) "Bounding along fitfully with jubilant energy, or drifting into scrawling, experimental textures, The New Mellow Edwards embody the best new music Brooklyn has to offer." (Troy Collins, All About Jazz – New York) "The material embraces both amiable jauntiness and confident probes into abstraction. It’s all a lot of fun and beautifully played." (Wire, Julian Cowley) www.curha.com

The month of April is now officially (in the least official way possible) Trombone month in Brooklyn, and to celebrate, NYSWU is teaming up with Ibeam Music Studios to present their second annual Trombone Festival throughout the month.

Guests and students welcome with $10 suggested donation to cover production and visiting artist fees.

For information, please email info@ibeambrooklyn.com