Apr 30, 2010 - 8:00 PM

Ibeam Music Studios
Brooklyn, NY, USA

8 pm: Westbrook Johnson's Three Roads Band
Westbrook Johnson - Trombone
Jesse Bartlet-Webber - Drums
Alex Vallejo - Bass
John Welsh - Guitar

10 pm: Ben Gerstein Quintet
Ben Gerstein - Trombone
Michael Attias - Saxophone
Mat Maneri - Viola
Thomas Morgan - Bass
Eivind Opsvik - bass
Jacob Sacks - Piano

Westbrook Johnson's Three Roads Band
Westbrook Johnson's Three Roads Band interprets compositions built in Johnson's unique notation system of the same name. Giving equal emphasis on composition and improvisation in every single note, Three Roads notation outlines for the performer whether to move their note up, down or stay the same but not how far down that road to travel. This performance will mark the debut of this new ensemble, as well as much of the music they will be performing.

Ben Gerstein
Jazz trombonist Ben Gerstein is uniquely committed to free-improvisation with groups entirely devoted to the practice. Tonight he presents a quintet of some of his favorite improvisers to get together and do just that. www.bengerstein.com

The month of April is now officially (in the least official way possible) Trombone month in Brooklyn, and to celebrate, NYSWU is teaming up with Ibeam Music Studios to present their second annual Trombone Festival throughout the month.

Guests and students welcome with $10 suggested donation to cover production and visiting artist fees.

For information, please email info@ibeambrooklyn.com