Mission statement from Jacob, with media shortly to follow-

amazing set that they performed, stay tuned..!!

When I was in my teens and early twenties, I studied jazz by listening to records, learning tunes, transcribing solos, and going to jam sessions. As I grew older I became more involved in contemporary classical music, improvisation, and music from other cultures. My engagement with jazz was less frequent.
Recently I returned to playing jazz on a regular basis, mostly in the form of weekly jam sessions. I was struck by how much I missed it, and how much it lingered in underused parts of my brain. Over the course of a few months I began to remember and sometimes relearn hundreds of jazz standards. I was captivated by this repertoire, an ever-changing list of tunes which is agreed on by unspoken consensus and common practice. Each one is relatively simple but has something that makes it both satisfying to improvise over, time and time again, and satisfying to play the melody at least twice, intro and outro. Some of them have hardly anything to them, like a theme from a Beethoven symphony: Milestones, C Jam Blues, Nutty, Summertime.
I set out to write some music in tribute to compositions like these. I was aiming for brevity, simplicity, repeatability, and transparency, but of course I strove to do it all in my own compositional style. I enjoyed the process and I plan on writing more of these.