Brian Drye's trio, hitting hard

Team Scopa, realtime tonecrunch

brian drye 12.06.09 by scrootablelabs

Brian Drye’s Scopa Trio

Brian Drye – Trombone/Compositions

Vinnie Sperrazza – Drums

Geoff Kraly – Electric Bass

Having a chance to curate an evening for the NYSWU was an interesting challenge. My first thought was to bring a new trio I formed this year as an opportunity to perform live. I also thought it would be interesting to pair that with a larger group and I thought of Max Siegel who told me a year ago that he had been writing music for 6 bass trombones and 6 bari saxes. I realized that this would also be a good opportunity to introduce a lot of musicians and trombonists to the series. I’m not sure when I’ll have another opportunity to perform in front of at least 20 other trombonists, many of whom I knew personally but many I was meeting for the first time. This was a sort of unexpected outcome of the event and it was sort of freeing to have so many ears sympathetic to the nuances of trombone. I figured I would be supremely nervous but actually, quite the opposite happened.

Max’s music came across beautifully even for a first reading. Max has a great sense of humor which comes across in his writing. I encourage everyone to check it out. From Max “Thanks again for this great opportunity to get my music read in a great space. We all had a blast and are hoping to do it again soon.” Check back here for more postings and info on upcoming shows.

Brian Drye

Audio recording by Josh Roseman
Reference mix by Wil Farr