Recently David Gibson brought his Organ 4tet featuring Jared Gold (organ), Julius Tolentino (alto sax) and Jakubu Griffin (drums)to NYSWU for an excellent night of music. We asked David for the secret behind such a cooking ensemble and here’s what he had to say:

I first played with Jared Gold around 10 years ago. It was a brief encounter, but memorable. It was several years before we were musically reacquainted. We began our musical relationship anew on a one-nighter at Fat Cat that has since turned into a steady gig. Jared’s creativity and unabashed sense of musical liberty was daunting at first, but has helped me to grow immensely and I’m consistently surprised by the destinations at which we arrive in our musical conversations.

Conversation is the consistent quality in the music and all of the guys on this performance are hip. Julius and Jakubu both offer a great deal of fire and intensity which balances out what I consider to be the softer side of Gibbo. Each of them inspires me to greater intensity, even if it’s expressed by alternative means.

The best thing about this group to me, the composer, is that “my” music always becomes “our” music…and I welcome that. I embrace their input, whether in the moment or in a rehearsal or at the bar on the break. I trust these guys.